Jan 19, 2012

New piece for 'cello and Braving piano for class

Yes! At last, I have a new piece up in my Music page. It's the piece that has unleashed a whole lot of creative inspiration, or rather it was the result of a creative outpouring that took months to achieve. There was a blockage in my inspiration tube. Dublin has washed it away, thank goodness! Thank Guiness? Nah, I didn't really have that much. Wasted opportunity...?

Anyway, we are now back in London and making amazing things happen here again. Big thanks to Phil Macdonald for the fun in the studio recording the 'cello piece. There's lots more composition coming up this year, which is fantastic.

Also, I feel today is especially exciting as I played piano for my first dance class ever. It was a contemporary class at Central School of Ballet for Jess Wright (Random Dance) - very last minute - but absolutely brilliant! I was shaking with nerves before we went in, afraid that I'd mis-count things or that my arms would just cease up and I'd physically not be able to play the piano. But it was wonderful. So much fun to improvise all that music to those talented dancers. It's so satisfying to see how you can make someone jump higher just by giving them an up-beat!