Sep 16, 2013


Last week I walked into a local Mosque in Newham to ask about their potential participation in the EastEnd Notes choir, and to ask about what kind of issues might be important to consider in asking Muslims to get involved. The experience was so warm and welcoming, though as it happened they weren't too keen on the choir.

I got talking to a young man who was kind enough to explain his interpretation of the Muslim view on music, much of which centred around humility. For me, this raised questions about how exactly I could engage with Muslims on a cultural level outside of music-making.

We sat and conversed over a cup of tea and some delicious cake, but it was only as I left that I realised one potential cultural exchange that we could continue to develop: namely, eating and chatting! Two of the simplest cultural exchanges, and also two of my favourites! 

Now I'm really looking forward to more of that! And meanwhile, recruitment of choir-members goes on...