Oct 27, 2015

Opera Schmopera

So work begins on the PhD in the composition of opera for young people.

I have so many questions to begin with, both in terms of form and content. What is an opera? What do I want to say in an opera to young people? What are young people? What value can they get from any operas I create, or that we create together?

It should almost go without saying that I am approaching this subject with several years of experience of working as a music/theatre/drama facilitator for opera houses. I have seen joy, creativity, inspiration, dialogue, skill-improvement, confidence-boosting and culture shifts as results of my workshops. I have also seen thousands of young people engage enthusiastically with a culture of rich tradition and thought that they had previously been unaware of, or had felt was not for them.

But what more can I do? How much more value can be created through this work? Are there ways in which those values can be made conspicuous? What are valuable results, or not-valuable results? What could happen that is not expected?

I will keep updates about this and more. 

In the mean time - first stop, the Library here at the University of York.

Second stop, RESEO, the European Network for Opera and Dance Education.