Jul 2, 2009

The essence of Buddhism lies in developing oneself through one's own determination and tenacious effort - not by depending on anyone or anything else. We need to have the spirit to stand on our own initiative without relying on anyone. We don't need others' sympathy or sentimentality. We have to stand up and advance, even if there is no one to encourage us. We resolutely and cheerfully take responsibility to change ourselves, our surroundings, society and the land where we live. That is the principle of three thousand realms in a single moment of life. What Buddhism teaches is not abstract theory; it is not a weak-kneed way of life constantly clinging to something for support. At the same time, neither is it to be confused with the egoism to arrogantly suppose, "I alone am correct and respectworthy." To believe in the great life force within oneself is at once to believe in the great life force existing within all people. Buddhism teaches that we should treasure the lives of others just as highly as we treasure our own.

Daisaku Ikeda