Jun 22, 2016

We asked Omar to join the RM19 creative team because of his passion for bringing out the best in young people. Throughout his working with RM19 he demonstrated a deep consideration for the wellbeing of every individual in the 50-strong group, and he was instrumental in developing our model for pastoral care, particularly with the introduction of group leaders. Omar worked with us to create a nurturing environment where participants were encouraged to become increasingly aware of their potential as future creative leaders in Thurrock and beyond. As a director, Omar was insightful and inspiring, enabling each performer to fulfil their potential. His drama-crafting skills and sensitivity to music perfectly complemented those of musical director Dominic Peckham making them a highly effective team. As RM19 has evolved and Omar’s involvement has ended, his vision and influence can still be felt in the positivity and responsibility felt by RM19 alumni in their ongoing engagement with the Royal Opera House and other arts initiatives.

Gabrielle Forster-Stille, Deputy Head of Learning and Participation, Royal Opera House (Thurrock)