Mar 27, 2012

New music uploaded

At last! New music has been uploaded onto my music page.

But just look at these aMaZiNg lyrics from the Year 2s from Southall who wrote this inspirational song about the kind of London they would like to see:

We're gonna build a new London
Not like the old one
We'll have pink seas and parades
We're gonna live and be happy
Share all our money
In this nice, new, special place

I don't like the shops, or the cars or the traffic
I don't like that my friends have to go home
I hate that people look at me like I'm different 
We're gonna clean up Big Ben
We're gonna build a new house
In a London of our own

Very emotional to think how much promise and potential these little people have. I'm really determined that they see their vision materialise!